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Welcome to Merka art Gallery and thank you for dropping by.
My name is Mohamed Buwe Osman, a native of Merka, Somalia- an ancient historical town 40 miles south of Mogadishu. It is known for its beautiful white sandy beaches and stunningly colorful orange dunes which are reflected in most of my paintings.

Africa gave me the blessing of exposure to the inspiring world of contemporary art. While attending Medical School in Europe, the beautiful culture enriched my curiosity in Classical Art. North America provided me with unlimited opportunities of enjoying not only the practice of medicine but as well as Art.

My paintings are reflective memories of past experiences. They express the unexporessed and yet meaninglful concepts of life, the most precious gift to us by our Creator.

My daily care of patients inspires me. It influences my creative skills. It teaches me everyday the true meaning of
life, the gift of living and being surrounded by beautiful people, the joy of rediscovering the mysteries of the non replicable Art- creation of the Universe.

Mohamed Buwe Osman