Presents HENNA

woman painting henna   Henna designs are a common beauty practice in the Middle East and South Asia. Powdered henna leaves are mixed with water, perfume, and oil to make a "mud-like" paste. This paste is used to create the henna designs, which include flowers, leafy tendrils, and abstract shapes. It takes some time for the henna to dry, although the smoke from burning incense is used to hurry the process. henna designs on foot and ankle
After the henna paste has dried, it is removed and the hands and feet are washed. A woman who has henna designs tries to avoid having them washed off, so if she is fortunate, her relatives or friends help with the housework and washing so that she can preserve the designs for a while. Here, elaborate henna designs decorate the hands and feet of a bride.
putting henna on man's hand
henna drying on men's feet and hands
henna designs circa 1985
  Henna artists create many different designs. Fashions in henna design come and go.
henna designs circa 1985
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